As your Member of Parliament, I take pride in being your voice in Ottawa. Many constituents in Thunder Bay-Superior North have contacted me on issues that matter to them, something I encourage all residents to do. Many have presented petitions to me, which I have had the honour to table in the House of Commons on their behalf. Other constituent concerns have resulted in me and my staff authoring petitions for them. Petitions are a great way to get involved and marshal support in your community and to raise awareness of an issue in Parliament. If you have an issue to petition, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. House of Commons petitions require a specific format, but my staff would be more than happy to help you draft a petition that will be presentable in Parliament by me or any other MP.

Please take a moment to download and sign one of the petitions below. All petitions can be mailed postage-free to your MP.
Bruce Hyer, MP

List of Petitions

  • National AIDS Strategy  – to promote effective treatment for HIV/AIDS through the development and implementation of a National AIDS Strategy.
  • Support Our Veterans – to restore funding for veterans’ service provision and reverse the closure of nine Veterans Affairs offices across Canada.
  • Shark Fin Import Ban – to ban the import of shark fins and take a bite out of the cruel and harmful practice of shark finning.
  • Protect our CBC – to ensure Canada’s national broadcaster remains independent and free from political interference.
  • Digital Lock Freedom – to respect fair dealing rights of Canadians who want access to technology and digital content they legally obtain, by stopping the government’s criminal penalties for circumventing digital locks for non-infrigning purposes.
  • Fiscal Accountability – to ensure the government supplies the Parliamentary Budget Officer and Auditor General with the information they need to provide proper financial oversight, and allow Parliament to hold the government to account.
  • Save Canadian Honeybees – to prohibit the importation of outside honeybees into a new honeybee refuge zone in Northwestern Ontario, in order to save one of the last disease-free populations in the world.
  • Equal Access for MS Treatment – to immediately work with the provinces and territories to determine the effectiveness and potential adoption of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) treatment in Multiple Sclerosis patients.
  • Food Before Profit – to reduce hunger and poverty by supporting small-scale sustainable farming and food sovereignty in the developing world
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work – to ensure fair wages for working women
  • Fair Representation – to ensure Canadians have a say in changing Canada’s dysfunctional electoral system
  • An Independent Parliamentary Budget Officer – to ensure a truly independent and effective PBO
  • Save Katimavik – to save Canada’s leading youth volunteer program from closure.
  • National Public Transit Strategy – to ensure every has access to adequate public transit.
  • Closed Captions for an Accessible Democracy – to provide closed captioning of televised House of Commons proceedings for deaf & hard of hearing viewers
  • Restoring Funding to KAIROS – to reverse devastating funding cuts to Canada’s most respected faith-based development and human rights organization
  • Revive Superior Passenger Rail – the campaign to return passenger rail service to Thunder Bay
  • Universal PharmaCare – Affordable Drug Coverage for Canadians
  • Gas Price Justice – time to stop gas gouging in the Northwest
  • Childcare and Early Learning – to institute a real national childcare program
  • Clean Air, Clean Energy – to ensure action on greenhouse gas pollution and energy efficiency
  • Co-op and Affordable Housing – to address the crisis in affordable housing and housing co-ops in Canada
  • EI Fairness for New Mothers – to fix problems in Employment Insurance whereby new mothers are unfairly disadvantaged
  • Equality for Canadian Children Born Abroad – to restore citizenship equality for Canadian children born abroad
  • Defending Canadians Abroad – to ensure the Government lives up to its responsibilities to Canadians abroad and to protect the value of a Canadian passport
  • Fix Employment Insurance – to fix problems in Employment Insurance program
  • Income Security for Seniors – to support a secure, dignified retirement for all Canadian seniors
  • National Housing Strategy – to ensure secure, adequate, accessible, and affordable housing
  • Tradesperson Support – to allow tradespersons and apprentices deduct work-related travel expenses
  • Student Loan Fairness – to make Canada’s student loans system more responsive to student needs
  • End Animal Cruelty - to recognize animals as beings that can feel pain and remove animal cruelty crimes from the property section of the Criminal Code
  • End Horse Slaughter – to end the importation and slaughter of horses for human consumption

Past petitions:

  • Cell Phone Freedom – to unlock Canadian cell phones, improving consumer choice & competition in the wireless market.
  • Stand Up for Northern Ontario – a petition to stop Northern Ontario from losing representation in Parliament.
  • KyotoPlus Petition – in support of Bruce’s Climate Change Accountability Act, Bill C-311 (Thank you, Canada! 100,000+ signatures presented to Stephen Harper on October 23, 2009)
  • Prince Arthur Post Office Petition – a petition to re-open a post office in the North core (tabled by Bruce Hyer in Parliament, 2009)
  • Grants Not Loans – a petition for First Nations student support (tabled by Bruce Hyer in Parliament, 2009)
  • Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare – a petition to the Government to support a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
  • Save Our Northwest CBC – stop the cuts to local CBC and ensure stable funding (tabled by Bruce Hyer in Parliament, 2009)

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of petitions Bruce Hyer has tabled on behalf of constituents. Check back for more added periodically.

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